5 Actions to Ensure Your Building’s Boiler is Safe and Energy Efficient

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The U.S. Department of Energy suggests the following actions to ensure boilers are safe and energy efficient:

  • A new energy-efficient burner retrofit should also be considered if repair costs become excessive, reliability becomes an issue, energy savings are guaranteed, and/or utility energy conservation rebates are available.
  • Perform burner maintenance and tune your boiler.
  • Conduct periodic combustion-efficiency tests at full- and part-load conditions, and adjust accordingly to maximize efficiency.
  • If excess oxygen exceeds 3%, or combustion efficiency values are low, consider modernizing the fuel/air control system and upgrade to solid-state sensors and controls without linkages. Also consider installing improved process controls, an oxygen trim system, or retrofit to a  new energy efficient burner.
  • Install a smaller burner on a boiler that is oversized relative to its load.

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