• Mechanical Repair Services

    You have a lot riding on, under and within your HVAC and refrigeration units. Managing the functionality of these within commercial buildings and industrial plants requires an expert with specialized experience. Whether your needs are for general service and repair, boiler, chiller, rooftop, cooling tower or specialty services, Enervise’s expert technicians are the most trusted providers in the industry.

    Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority—evident by performance guarantees no one else can match, including:

    Repair Right™ our first time, every time guarantee. We also credit non-meaningful labor, bringing you cost savings and value every time you need service. We focus on eliminating unnecessary service repair calls, providing a service manager via Skype on every call, arming our techs with smartphone technology for immediate access to your information and focusing on call resolution to immediately compare your request against recent service history.

    Guaranteed fast, responsive service with over 60 field service employees in the markets we serve, we’ll respond in less than 4 hours. Guaranteed! In addition, mobile service can be dispatched from our offices 24/7 for maintenance client emergencies with an average response time of less than 1.5 hours.

    Fast parts service offers same day or guaranteed next-day delivery of parts.

    Contact our experts today to see how we can help!

  • Rooftops

    We install and service some of the most technologically-advanced packaged rooftop units for commercial use. We lead the industry, providing fast installation and integration of controls, which, in turn, assures reliable systems that deliver exceptional comfort.

    We offer:

    • The best solution for you with access to all of the top-manufactured brands
    • Competitive pricing for rooftop retrofits at the best value per ton of cooling
    • Faster replacement during an emergency with our stocking programs and stand-by emergency retrofit teams
    • Expert design that lowers your total costs
    • Roof curbs evaluation, equipment configurations, electric, rigging, energy saving features and more
    • Certified technicians equipped with deployable handhelds and software to re-commission factory mounted controls and tune your system
    • Technicians with training to work on today’s high-performance rooftops including; ancillary devices like economizers, enthalpy wheels, and unit mounted controls
    • Cleaning coils on a roof full of RTUs with specialty equipment and techniques
    • Specialty filtration options to meet every indoor air quality requirement and budget
  • Boilers

    We provide maintenance, repair and installation services for all boiler types. Our factory-trained technicians retrofit, fabricate and install boilers and boiler-related equipment that keep your facility productive and increase the longevity of your boiler system. No matter the type or model, it is imperative that you trust the maintenance of your boiler to a professional to guarantee your boiler is working effectively, energy-efficiently and as safely as possible.

    When a boiler is not properly tuned on a regular basis, it can adversely affect performance and lead to higher energy bills. Even a small adjustment to your boiler system can result in a 10 percent savings on your bills—potentially thousands of dollars each year. To verify whether your boiler is working effectively and efficiently, contact us today.

    We have decades of experience in working with all boiler manufacturers. We would be happy to assist you with the following:

    • 24/7 emergency service and repair on any boiler system
    • New equipment start-up
    • Preventative maintenance agreements with preferred labor rates
    • Parts purchasing discount programs
    • Turnkey boiler room design and construction
    • Full-service welding and code repair
    • Combustion testing and energy efficiency analysis
    • Building and plant automation
    • Web-based information management & reporting through enerviseTRAK™

    Now providing Industrial Combustion burner products and parts designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications, assuring customers have the most technologically advanced burner systems available.  Industrial Combustion is the burner-of-choice when upgrading existing boiler installations for maximum fuel efficiency.

  • Chillers

    A chiller is a critical component in any building. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified to service and repair this sophisticated piece of equipment regardless of manufacturer, size or compressor configuration.

    Enervise can offer ongoing expert support for your chillers or a team dedicated to emergency special projects. We perform comprehensive tear-down, repairs and planned maintenance services for chillers.

    Our experienced technicians can help save energy and improve comfort. To verify your chiller is working effectively and efficiently, contact us today about our services:

    • 24/7 emergency service and chiller retrofits
    • New chiller start-up and warranty service
    • Planned Maintenance Agreements with Preferred Labor Rates
    • Parts Purchasing Discount Programs
    • Turnkey Chiller Design and Construction
    • Eddy Current Testing & Energy Efficiency Analysis
    • Building and Plant Automation
    • Web-Based Information Management & Reporting through enerviseTRAK™
  • Cooling Towers

    Over years of operation, cooling towers lose efficiency which increases stress on the other components of your overall cooling system. Through proper maintenance programs and routine service work, you can minimize this loss of capacity and extend the life of cooling towers, pumps, chillers, heat exchangers, and other equipment within your cooling system.

    We can be your single source for cooling tower repairs, maintenance, replacement parts, rebuilds, reconstruction and new construction. We can help regardless of the tower manufacturer, project size or scope of work. We can provide all the resources necessary to get the job done right the first time.

    Our goal is to identify problems quickly and solutions that match our customers’ needs. We do this by focusing on superior workmanship and quality products and services such as:

    • Rebuilds
    • Tower Cleanings
    • Thermal Upgrades
    • Replacements
    • Performance Testing
    • Blast & Coats
    • Mechanical Upgrades
    • Fan Balancing
    • Gear Box Maintenance
    • Drive Shaft Alignments
    • Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  • Specialty Services

    Our experienced, trained field personnel are expert in a number of specialty services.

    Air Compressor/Dryer – In order to guarantee long-term performance, compressed air systems must be properly maintained. Our service technicians are trained to provide industrial air compressor, refrigerated and desiccant dryer service and repair. Whether your compressor is a reciprocating or rotary screw, vacuum pump, or other compressed air product, our knowledgeable technicians are trained to repair any malfunction on any make or model.

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) – When commissioned properly your VFDs can provide substantial energy savings. Field services for VFD repairs and system troubleshooting are handled by our experienced, trained technicians. Our service programs include start-up services to verify proper installation, control connections and motor operation for any VFD manufacturer and/or application. Installation of replacement products, retrofit of existing systems and stand-alone controls via transmitters and Proportional-Integral control setups are also available.

    Bearing, Shaft & Seal Replacement or Repairs – We possess the necessary tools and calibration equipment to evaluate, repair or replace bearings in air handlers, motors, pumps, compressor assemblies, seals and multiple other applications to ensure long life cycle and smooth operation.

    Rotating Assemblies – Our specialty team of experts have the ability to balance a wide variety of rotating assemblies including blower wheels and pump assemblies, which minimize vibration and noise and maximize proper operation and seal life.

  • Process Solutions

    Our experienced, trained field personnel are expert in a number of industrial process services

    Air Rotation – These units are extremely effective at heating and cooling large buildings. Few units are required to cover vast spaces and provide even temperatures throughout. High levels of inventory and storage have very little effect on performance.  Since these systems require no discharge ductwork, the units can be placed virtually anywhere. Utilizing and maintaining an air rotation heating system will keep large industrial warehouse spaces comfortable and energy-efficient.

    We specialize in the design and servicing of Air Rotation Heating systems to keep large industrial, and warehouse spaces comfortable and energy-efficient. Our team of field experts maintains and services these units to keep them at optimal operating conditions—ensuring reduced operating costs, comfort and air quality.

    Process Burners – Our factory-trained and certified expert service technicians will maintain and service your critical manufacturing processes. Your dedicated technician’s knowledge, experience, and access to replacement parts assure reliable service and up-time to facilitate all of your process burner start-up, commissioning, and combustion service needs.

    Our technicians are backed by engineering and application assistance to change designs as requirements demand to assure that our customers get maximum performance and efficiency. We can provide the following upgrades: burner system and/or burner controls retrofits, conversions, upgrades, or new installations. Scheduled planned maintenance services provided by Enervise will minimize unexpected equipment failure which often leads to unplanned facility or process downtime.

          Our process burner services include:

    • Combustion analysis & adjustment to air-to-fuel ratios
    • Flame safeguard services
    • Parallel positioning and linkage controls
    • O2 trim fully-metered, cross-limited combustion controls
    • Fuel conversions
    • Emissions monitoring
    • Burner controls retrofits 
    • Scheduled planned maintenance service

    When it is time to upgrade any of your process systems, you can turn to Enervise’s years of experience in determining expert load calculations and equipment requirements to ensure the system will work to your specifications.

      Our Project engineers can show you how to achieve:

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Lower installation costs
    • Rapid temperature recovery
    • Outstanding indoor air quality (IAQ)
    • Increased production
    • Reduced fuel and/or electricity costs
    • Reduced emissions
    • Improved boiler and equipment room safety
    • Increased life of equipment
  • Industrial Refrigeration

    We take pride in providing the highest-quality workmanship while meeting or exceeding all of your Industrial Refrigeration expectations and standards with cost-effective and dependable solutions.

    Our services include design and engineering, installation, fabrication, service and maintenance. With these capabilities we can design your new system, fabricate the system, and provide start-up and ongoing service and maintenance. Enervise has expert service technicians with years of experience in the industrial refrigeration industry. Our technicians are available for planned maintenance, scheduled mechanical integrity inspections, start-up of new equipment, compressor and pump rebuilds, microprocessor controls, emergency shutdowns, and many other services.

    • Process cooling
    • Environmental chambers
    • Cold storage
    • Industrial refrigerated warehouses
    • Blast freezers
    • Bunkers
    • Food distribution
    • Cascade low temp freezers

    Equipment retrofits and modernization. When it is time to upgrade your system you can turn to Enervise’s years of experience in determining expert load calculations and equipment requirements to ensure the system will work to your specifications.

      Our Project engineers can show you how to achieve:

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Lower installation costs
    • Rapid temperature recovery
    • Outstanding indoor air quality (IAQ)
    • Increased production
    • Reduced fuel and/or electricity costs
    • Reduced emissions
    • Improved boiler and equipment room safety
    • Increased life of equipment
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