• Energy Solutions

    If you’re serious about cutting major operating expenses by minimizing energy costs then you’re in the right place. We have strategic business knowledge and extensive experience in providing energy-efficient solutions.

    Enervise will consult with you and assess your system to discover potential energy savings opportunities that most others won’t see. Our experience with utility rates, building systems optimization and new technologies is coupled with the most skilled and professional team of:

    • State-certified professional consulting engineers
    • Certified energy managers, CEM
    • Associate engineers
    • Facility performance auditors
    • Project and construction managers
    • Information technology managers
    • Factory-certified technicians
  • Commercial HVAC Energy Consulting

    Since lighting and HVAC typically encompass at least 60 percent of your energy expenses, our smart and innovative solutions are designed to improve energy efficiency and lower operating costs while at the same time increasing comfort levels.

    Through our HVAC Energy Audits, we identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) and implement solutions to reduce overall energy costs. From re-commissioning to scheduling planned unit replacements, our programs conserve energy and help your bottom line.

  • Commercial Building Energy Efficiency and Advisory Services

    Whether you’re in the commercial, industrial, government, retail or institutional industry, we have an energy solution for you. Our offerings include:

    • US EPA ENERGY STAR® building certification & benchmarking
    • Energy audits
    • Energy simulation modeling
    • Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
    • Maximization of utility rebates, government grants and incentives
    • Measurement and verification services
    • Strategic energy management plans
    • Energy procurement services consulting
    • Technical assistance during architectural/engineering design
    • Design and enhance building energy standardization
    • Construction management of energy-related solutions
    • Startup: commissioning/retro-commissioning
    • Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) consulting
    • Quality assurance and other services
    • Training of your personnel
  • Commercial Low Cost or No Cost Efficiency and Energy Savings Solutions

    This approach centers on low or no cost improvements that can be implemented quickly, including:

    • Calibration and upgrade of energy management systems and controls
    • Review and adjustment of lighting and HVAC schedules
    • Functional testing and documentation of HVAC equipment
    • Tightening of schedules and set points
    • Optimization of hot and chilled water temperatures
    • Calibration of boiler and burner controls
    • Resetting of pump and fan speeds

    By utilizing any of the above improvements you may experience some or all of the following benefits:

    • Energy reduction and savings from 15 to 55 percent
    • Improved indoor environment
    • Increased productivity
    • Better building performance and reliability
    • Increased attention to proper system control and maintenance
    • Renewed commitment to operations training
    • Identification of capital projects that can achieve further energy reductions

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