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    As a leader in retrofitting existing Building Controls, Enervise provides Building Automation Systems (BAS) for HVAC, Lighting, and Access control. Enervise, will keep your entire facility running smoothly. We give you peace of mind that your building automation systems are operating energy-efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Our team of professionals – includes Tridium certified technicians that have the experience to modify and reconfigure your building automation system as the demands of your business and facilities grow and evolve. As a controls system integrator, we have the latest technology to integrate multiple controls manufacturers into one single solution.

    If you have comfort issues, indoor air quality concerns or high energy costs, let our experienced team of Building Automation Control consultants design a building management system and solution that fit within your budget and operational requirements.


  • Building Automation Systems – featuring New Installations, Retrofit, Multiple System Integration, and Service

    Enervise is committed to offering Building Automation System Solutions (BAS) solutions that are based on industry standards for open protocols and architectures, powered by the Niagara platform.

    Tridium platform including our NEW enerviseCLOUD℠

    No one integrates your systems and controls better than Enervise. Employing leading open system standards such as BACnet and LonWorks through the Tridium platform, we consistently deliver outstanding results, and we are proud to be an authorized integrator.

    Our Niagara N4 Framework integrates diverse building control systems and devices including LON and BACnet based controls into a unified platform with standard IT network security measures that can be easily controlled in real-time over the Internet with any web browser. Bringing HVAC, security, lighting, energy, and video controls together makes for better, smarter, and more efficient buildings which, in turn, saves you money and sustains the environment.

    Our Tridium-certified control consultants can design, deliver, and install a single, unified building automation platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real-time over the Internet—wired or wireless—regardless of manufacturer and its protocols. Services include:

    • Systems evaluation and recommendations
    • Design and installation services for building automation systems
    • Customized maintenance programs
    • Controls training for your personnel


    Our EnerviseCLOUD connects to your building through a secure connection and allows remote access from any device with an internet connection insuring more flexibility and scalability.


    We are an authorized Honeywell Integrator with access to Honeywell’s complete portfolio of commercial building automation products and systems. As an authorized Honeywell Integrator, we are also accountable to Honeywell’s high standards of learning.

    Enervise supports the following Honeywell product lines:

    • Webs-N4/AX – for large facilities: Based on Tridium’s Niagara N4/AX Framework, WEBs-N4/AX enables integration of multiple protocols for HVAC controls as well as security and lighting.
    • SymmetrE – for medium facilities: this PC workstation redefines the monitoring and controlling of your building management system. Scalable software brings your building’s occupancy needs, operational issues and budget pressures into equilibrium.
    • Light Commercial Building Solution – for small facilities: A step towards occupant comfort, energy efficiency and easy building operations, comprehensive building data goes to your PC via advanced energy management tools, reporting and energy trending.
    • N4/AX Security for Access Control – Integrated with simple, web-based management, this works within the WEBS architecture or as a separate system that is easy to set up and manage. Controlled right from your keyboard, WEBs-N4/AX™ security can be accessed anywhere in the world via the web.
    • Honeywell Lighting Controls – Offering smart scheduling, presence detection and photocells to ensure that lights are not operating where not needed, Honeywell Lighting Controls offer significant energy savings to your facility. These controls can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or as part of an overall integrated energy management plan with HVAC and building automation products.

    Distech Controls

    Enervise also services and installs Distech controls. Known for its specialized controllers with functional LCD screens for aid in customizing controls, Distech is an energy management solutions innovator. Their signature offering, EC-NetN4/AX, is a multi-protocol/function platform for seamless intelligent integration of HVAC, lighting (n-light), access control, CCTV, and energy management. They also offer Open-to-Wireless, a wireless, battery-less option.

    .Cameras & surveillance


    • Honeywell IP – superb image quality, low bandwidth, and less storage requirements.
    • AXIS Communications – based on open IP standards, Axis network cameras provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.


      • Milestone – surveillance software that is installed via a mini server or windows-based PC, eliminating the need for a separate DVR. It provides a robust and effective surveillance method, including the ability to view an unlimited number of cameras, multiple control access points and moving objects tracking.

      NOTE: We have custom software for integrating IPcameras, Milestone,  WEBs Ax, or N4 with all controls viewable from a central location, credentials’ initiation of an event (such as card swipe) and later viewing availability (attached to a video clip).

  • Commercial HVAC, Lighting, and Access Controls Integration Services

    Whatever your expectations for your Building Automation System, we can tailor a plan that meets and exceeds them. From assessment to installation, upgrades to full replacements and or integration, our solutions for HVAC, lighting and access controls have you covered. Each plan includes maintenance and repair options because your building automation system works at its optimal level when maintained, repaired, and adjusted throughout its life cycle.

    Control Solutions

    We provide unparalleled support with preventative maintenance, 24-hour emergency response service, remote and on-site system monitoring, technical support and system training.

    Benefits of trusting your control systems to Enervise include:

    • Increased building efficiency
    • Energy savings
    • Staff productivity
    • Proactive identification and addressing of common problems before they cause system disruption, downtime, and costly repairs
    • Optimal software and system networks for reliable, accurate and efficient operation
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Life of your equipment extended

    HVAC Control Solutions

    Whether we are upgrading a controller on a chiller or boiler or your entire building or campus with an enterprise level Direct Digital Controls (DDC), our control experts will customize a solution that fits your needs.

    A snapshot of experiences includes:

    • Retrofitting obsolete pneumatic or electric controls
    • Boiler plant remote monitoring and alarming
    • Building additions
    • Chiller & boiler plant systems management
    • VFD’s & VAV retrofits for existing air handlers
    • Indoor air quality control
    • Internet-based systems with remote monitoring and alarms
    • Wireless applications (from stand-alone thermostats to total building and campus level control)
    • Customizable energy dashboards and public displays showing real-time data

    Access Control Solutions

    We have comprehensive Access Control options including key card entry, door swipes and video monitoring. Each one features effortless accessibility and reliable security.

    If you are looking for an easy way to integrate access control with your building’s automation, Enervise can bundle your mechanical controls and security controls into one single source accessibility.

    Lighting Control Solutions

    Our lighting control solutions allow for smart scheduling, occupancy sensors and photocells that ensure lighting is only being used when needed. The lighting control system can be designed as a stand-alone system or integrated with an HVAC control system.

    Energy Monitoring Solutions

    Our energy monitoring solutions provide real-time data from meters (including gas, water, electric and BTU), tenant sub-metering and energy analytics.


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