Rolling Up After the Long Weekend: HVAC Summertime Tips

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After the holiday weekend, it’s back to business for the Enervise team. Service calls, scheduled maintenance and announcements regarding the reopening of schools means the team will stay busy this summer.

Here are a few helpful tips and reminders from the experts on the best ways to keep your facility’s HVAC systems running in the rising heat of summer:

  • Sign up for a Planned Maintenance Program: We’ll work with you and your building’s needs to design an HVAC/R & building controls maintenance program. With our services you’ll experience fewer failures, less costly repairs, improved comfort, extended equipment life and increased reliability and productivity. Choose from full-service planned maintenance or performance-based maintenance and upgrades: We customize a program matching ASHRAE rated maintenance tasking and frequencies to meet your goals.Under the full-service planned maintenance plan we provide a thorough maintenance review with your internal team to assess your overall annual needs. With a full-service plan, you’ll receive quarterly reviews, service calls and repairs, planned and ongoing maintenance and parts and materials all included in a fixed annual budget. Under the performance-based maintenance and upgrades plan, we will provide a thorough maintenance review with your internal team to prioritize specific maintenance and upgrades needed for the year. Only those projects will be budgeted and included in one fixed, annual cost.
  • Assess the readiness of your building during COVID-19 with our Enervise Building Health Report: As your HVAC & Controls company, Enervise is equipped to provide a facility health report to ensure building managers are taking the right steps to protect their occupants. Our building health checklist will provide you with customized review of your equipment, indoor air quality checks, approved filter changing and cleaning procedures and recommendations.
  • Consider Retrofit and Equipment Modernization: Equipment changes can occur as part of a growth strategy or they can be the result of an emergency situation. No matter the reason, Enervise’s team of engineers, project managers and technicians will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your current system followed by the most cost- and energy-efficient options to upgrade your facility’s mechanical equipment.Our industry veteran engineers, sheet metal workers, plumbers and pipe fitters use their depth of expertise to tackle anything from small rezoning operations to central plant modifications. Whatever scope of work your situation might require, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to address any problem your current building system may be having.