Enervise Recognizes Team Members of 25 Years

  • Team Highlights

Every year, Enervise celebrates milestone anniversaries of team members who have dedicated 5, 10, 15 and 25 years of excellent service to the company and its customers. This year the team has forty-five individuals receiving special recognition up on the wall of the company office headquarters.

At this year’s holiday celebrations, the team gave an extra round of applause to these four extraordinary teammates who were added to our 25 year milestone group. They’ve shown for quarter a century what hard work, trust, and dedication look like.

Celebrating 25 Years with Enervise this Year:

  • Eric Lorincz
  • Tracey Allen
  • Mike Smith
  • Todd Kette

This year in particular, the team has proven that unprecedented times don’t have to hold them back. With an expanding team of talented individuals, Enervise continues to be a workplace and field service organization dedicated to ensuring healthy, safe, and comfortable buildings for their customers.