The Best Healthcare Facilities Prioritize HVAC to Improve Patient Care & Working Conditions

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For facility owners and managers in healthcare buildings, it is all about the patients. Almost every decision is made with the health, safety, and comfort of the patients in mind. Every conversation around facility system upgrades, budget, and improved HVAC comes back to one overarching question: Is this facility upgrade or repair necessary to improve the patient experience?

Healthcare organizations that are fully dedicated to the welfare of their patients are also those dedicated to the welfare of their workers. The best healthcare facilities recognize that poor working conditions impact patient care. Prioritizing proper heating, ventilation, air quality, air conditioning, and comfort not only improves the wellbeing of the patients, but also the staff.

Proper maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is essential for maintaining indoor air quality in any commercial facility, but it takes on an added level of importance in healthcare facilities where infection control and cross contamination are among the concerns.

Here are a 3 facility challenges commonly faced in the healthcare industry:

  • Poor working conditions impact patient care
  • Well-established and stringent industry standards for HVAC system design and maintenance in healthcare facilities
  • More advanced technology and maintenance practices are necessary to make sure stringent industry requirements are continually met over the life of the building

As of late, there has been heightened awareness for not only the patient’s health, safety, and well-being, but also that of healthcare workers.  Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals spend countless hours in these facilities. It is crucial to prioritize comfortable, healthy, and safe environments for not only the patients, but also for healthcare workers.

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