The 2 Major Risks of Avoiding Regular HVAC Maintenance

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We’ve seen time and time again that companies will often spend more money replacing equipment that breaks down prematurely, because they did not invest in regular maintenance. Companies that keep their budgets too tight are typically the most vulnerable.

When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, putting off repairs and replacements can become costly in the long run.

Even with a tight budget, it is risky to manage a facility that avoids proper care for their HVAC systems.  If proper maintenance is not scheduled, you run the risk of facing these problems.

The 2 Major Risks of Avoiding a Regular HVAC Maintenance Schedule:

  • Poorly maintained systems shorten their average lifespan by at least 7 years, resulting in premature costly repairs. Properly maintained systems have a lifespan of 15 years or more, while poorly maintained systems last an average of half that time. In other words, you are likely doubling your cost of replacements and repair by not properly maintaining your system. Poor maintenance also leads to inefficiencies, which hike up utility costs overtime.
  • Air filters left unreplaced cause permanent damage and put your occupants at risk. If an air filter is not checked at least on a quarterly basis, you increase your risk of system failure. Not to mention, it endangers the health of the building’s occupants from respiratory illness and airborne diseases. Not checking an air filter regularly can choke out the system and lead to premature mechanical failures.

How Do You Avoid a Costly Replacement?

Plan for Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure your systems experience a good long and happy life, it’s important to schedule proper maintenance. The added bonus: efficiency and lower operation costs.Even occasional maintenance checks will prevent “uh-oh” scenarios at a time when businesses can’t afford any more surprises.

Our maintenance team has the training to tell you exactly what’s wrong with your facility on a regular basis to give you the peace of mind you deserve.