Return with Confidence: Enervise Building Health Report

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As your HVAC & Controls company, Enervise is equipped to provide a facility health report to ensure building managers are taking the right steps to protect their occupants. Our building health checklist will provide you with customized review of your equipment, indoor air quality checks, approved filter changing and cleaning procedures and recommendations including:

Dilution: We’ll inspect the number of air changes per hour inside the building, and develop a plan to enhance ventilation with fresh air vs. recirculated air. The goal being to balance fully opening  outside air intakes with the capacity of your HVAC equipment to handle more outside air.

Filtration:  The CDC and ASHRAE recommend upgrading filtration to at least  MERV-13 or the highest compatible with the filter rack, and seal edges of the filter to limit bypass.

Building control adjustments: Changes may be needed to allow for enhanced ventilation including temporarily disabling demand-controlled ventilation sequences and other adjustments to keep system fans running longer hours to promote continuous circulation.

Humidity: Studies have shown that maintaining humidity levels in a building or space above 43% cuts the ability of a virus to spread. We recommend monitoring your indoor humidity levels and adding moisture to the air if needed.

Cleaning: We’ll also see if maintenance issues exist that restrict airflow such as checking and cleaning outside air intake grills.

Sanitizing:  Disinfection of indoor coils with chemical disinfectant will remove any potential contaminants from getting into the air stream. Deep cleaning of the inside of Air Handling Units with treatments to remove any potential contaminants from getting into the air stream.

Purification: Using UVGI – Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or Air Purification Through Bi-Polar Ionization may be the right treatment for waiting rooms & locker rooms.

For more recommendations, please contact the Enervise team for your building health assessment.