March is the Time to Think About Modernizing Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

  • Expert Tips

It is starting to warm up out there, but is it too late to think about modernizing your commercial AC system? The typical timeline for replacing or repairing HVAC equipment can take up to 12-14 weeks. Which means, if facility managers and building owners start the process now in March, their AC system will be ready to run smoothly by Memorial Day.

Here is a typical timeline for repairing or replacing commercial AC system:

  • Weeks 1-3: Equipment Budgeting & Design
  • Weeks 3-4: Equipment Selection, Approval, and Ordering
  • Weeks 4-12: Shipment and Delivery of Equipment
  • Weeks 12-14: Installation & Testing

Given this timeline, February and March are typically the best months to consider AC system upgrades, but many facility managers are wondering, is 2021 the best year for modernization?

Here are 5 reasons why facility industry professionals are saying that March of 2021 is the best time to think about modernizing your commercial AC system:

  • High tenant demand for improved HVAC filtration and ventilation
  • Today’s low interest rates
  • Low occupancy rates mean less disruptions and more time for renovations and repairs
  • Opportunities to improve energy efficiency and operational costs to make it through 2021 on a budget
  • When properly planned, chiller replacements & AC repair can deliver long-term benefits to departments and facilities

We are already a month past Groundhog Day, so the time to consider a commercial HVAC upgrade is now. Band-Aid solutions will not pan out in the long term, and they are a risky move to take during uncertain times. Now more than ever, tenants will be looking to move to a facility that prioritizes building occupant health, comfort, & safety.

When it comes to Equipment Modernization, Enervise’s team of engineers, project managers and technicians will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your current system followed by the most cost- and energy-efficient options to upgrade your facility’s mechanical equipment.