Is Your Building Better Than Your Competition? Why Would Lessees Choose to Lease From You?

  • Expert Tips

If you’re a commercial business owner in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or elsewhere, you’re well aware of the challenges and expenses involved in attracting tenants. You want to appeal to the best tenants and then keep them as long as possible. The problem is that your competitors are trying to do the same thing. So what will sway potential lessees to sign a contract with you instead of your competition?

It’s not just about offering a competitive price per square foot. When building owners were surveyed, they mentioned the design of a building’s mechanical systems and controls as critical when courting clients. Specifically, they zeroed in on characteristics such as comfort, convenience, health/safety and energy efficiency (which translate into lower utility costs).

In short, the kind of tenant you want in your building is a solid business that’s looking for a working environment that will allow them to be more productive and profitable. A big part of that comes from having a commercial space that offers reliable systems in terms of lighting, HVAC performance, building controls, building envelope and other infrastructure. Quality tenants don’t want to worry about having to wrangle with building owners about needed improvements.

How can you make sure your building attracts that kind of quality, long-term tenant? A first step could be having an energy benchmark performed that will establish exactly how your current systems are performing. This assessment will provide hard data so that you can consider what equipment needs to be serviced, upgraded or replaced in order to offer the environment your desired tenants are looking for.

That means you can focus your attention on what really needs to be improved—and it gives you a bargaining chip when talking to potential tenants. Not only will you have a more desirable facility, but you can also command a better price for the space (in part by touting the utilities savings that come with an energy-efficient building).

As an ENERGY STAR partner, our auditors can help you evaluate your building so that you know exactly how your facility is performing. Then you can focus on making improvements to the specific areas that will help you attract the tenants you want in your building, knowing you’ll also have state-certified professional consulting engineers and other industry professionals at your disposal.

If you want to ensure you get the right kind of tenant before your competition does, make sure your building offers what they’re looking for!