Enervise Tips to Prevent Recirculation of Air in Your Building

  • Expert Tips

Actions related to HVAC systems are suggested and recommended by ASHRAE and the CDC to affect the spread of COVID-19. ASHRAE recommends preventing recirculation of air in your building. However, it is important to consider these following tips:

  • The first step is to further open minimum outdoor air dampers. Opening dampers as high as 100% can eliminate recirculation. This can become difficult in extreme weather.
  • As the summer heat approaches, eliminating recirculation can become less efficient. It is important to work with HVAC experts to maximize efficiency while simultaneously eliminating recirculation.
  • Thermal comfort and humidity can be greatly affected when air is not recirculated in extreme weather conditions.

It’s difficult to balance the cost of new and improved systems, but when you consider efficiency improvements with an expert, we can find you way to save in the long run. These are just a handful of considerations, and we recommend reaching out to discuss the unique needs of your facility.