Don’t Rely on Luck Alone to Keep Your HVAC Costs Down: Consider Going Green

  • Expert Tips

Commercial HVAC systems are one of the most energy-intensive systems of any building. For that reason, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are also the best opportunity for facilities to cut back on energy costs. The U.S. Department of Energy reported that on average, 30% of the energy and cost that goes into powering HVAC is lost to waste.

If business owners and managers can take a moment to build a solid strategy for a more sustainable future, good fortune and luck (in the form of a calculated return on investment) will be on their side.

If businesses don’t have the capital to invest in major HVAC system upgrades or retrofits, they’re still in luck. Many of the steps to reduce energy costs are simple. The more complex practices often offer the best returns, but simple solutions are a major step in the right direction.

Here are 5 tips to keep commercial HVAC energy costs down:

  1. Change your HVAC filters to reduce wasted energy by 5-10%.
  2. Install programmable thermostats and optimize building automation controls to save significant dollars every month.
  3. Establish a regular maintenance program to reduce energy & maintenance costs by 40%.
  4. Properly seal heating and cooling ducts to improve HVAC efficiency by 20%.
  5. Work with a qualified HVAC contractor to decide if it’s time for an HVAC repair, upgrade, or replacement.


Business owners who want to improve environmental sustainability while at the same time reducing operating costs should consider these energy saving tips. Hats off to those who can take the proactive approach and save 30-40% on maintenance costs. Teaming up with the right technicians & HVAC experts, who provide deep knowledge of system efficiency, is crucial to avoiding any mechanical “bad luck” that might come your way.

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