Creating a Self-Healing Building with Bipolar Ionization

  • Expert Tips

Optimizing the health of HVAC, energy, and controls systems is a key step in improving the health of building occupants. It’s the best way for building owners and facility managers to protect from viruses, allergens, and other contaminants. Installing bipolar ionization is also an easier solution than many might think.

Even before the dawn of COVID-19, the best HVAC industry professionals advise taking a self-healing building approach. When it comes to improving indoor air quality, the first step to achieving a self-healing strategy is by installing bipolar ionization technology to your current HVAC system.

In fact, ASHRAE first published the benefits of ionization over 50 years ago. By distributing ions throughout the entire HVAC system, this technology allows the building to heal itself.

Bipolar ionization is universally recognized as the best solution to improving indoor air quality, due to it’s relatively low cost and easy installation process. Beyond these 7 Reasons to Install Air Ionization Technology, this solution also plays a crucial role in your building’s long-term strategy. Facility Executive Magazine shared that bipolar ionization technology “supports time and money already spent on disinfection and restoration methods.” Most importantly, it will continue to create a space that ensures occupant health and well-being.

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