Cold-Storage Facilities Adapt to Pandemic

  • Expert Tips

An article published on October 6th, 2020 from The Wall Street Journal shared that the hot new real-estate investment is keeping food chilled. Supporters of cold storage investment say the business’s growth prospects look promising.

The Midwest is notably a key geographic location for industrial refrigeration industry growth. Grocers such as Cincinnati based Kroger Co. are revamping their supply chains and e-commerce logistics to speed up transportation and delivery. This movement is igniting a demand for cold-storage facilities, especially close to metropolitan cities such as Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Lexington where more people are demanding faster deliveries of fresh food.

Majority of the cold storage facilities in the country are over 40 years old, but companies are more likely to seek out spacious and highly efficient building environments that are attainable through new construction. For those who cannot afford to invest in brand-new construction, the commercial HVAC industry has seen an uptick in design-and-build projects related to industrial cooling systems for warehouses.

Some industries have proven to be more agile than others amidst the pandemic. Like the commercial HVAC industry, cold storage facilities have shown they can pivot to this new logistical landscape.

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