9 Tips for Replacing Commercial Rooftop Units

  • Expert Tips

Here are 9 tips for installing or replacing commercial rooftop units:

  • Conduct a review of options offered by the top-manufactured brands with your HVAC contractor to select the right equipment and tonnage. Consider how you plan to re-purpose the space served vs. the original design configuration from years ago.
  • Compare energy efficiency options, it may be worth it to upgrade to a higher efficiency vs standard efficiency option to get the best value per ton of cooling.
  • Ensure fast replacement during an emergency with an HVAC contractor with stocking programs and stand-by emergency retrofit teams.
  • Choose an expert to look at overall design to lower costs, and to evaluate connected ductwork design to enhance thermal comfort.
  • Assess equipment configurations, electric/ voltage, rigging, structural load. Is the replacement unit heavier? Will the roof support the load without added structural supports?
  • Conduct a roof curb evaluation – a “like for like equipment selection” using the existing roof curb can save you money vs a unit that requires a curb adapter.
  • Request a certified technician to start up your equipment.  The setup of the unit’s controls is critical, and you need a technician with training to work on today’s high-performance rooftops including set up of ancillary devices like economizers enthalpy wheels, and unit mounted controls.
  • Plan for maintenance in the 1st year and cleaning the condenser coils on your RTUs
  • Select the right specialty filtration options and ongoing maintenance program to protect your equipment and meet every indoor air quality requirement and budget.

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