9 Considerations When Repairing or Replacing Commercial Boilers

  • Expert Tips

When it is time to retrofit, fabricate and install boilers or boiler-related equipment, it is important to find an HVAC service provider who is an expert in the distinct types of commercial boilers. No matter the type or model, whether steam or hot water it is imperative that you trust the maintenance of your boiler to a professional to guarantee it is working effectively, energy-efficiently, and safely as possible.

When a boiler is not finely tuned on a regular basis, it can adversely affect performance, and lead to higher energy bills. Even a small adjustment to your boiler system can result in 10 percent or more savings on your utility bill —potentially thousands of dollars each year.

To verify whether your boiler is working effectively and efficiently, be sure to find a Boiler service provider who can provide the following nine considerations:

  1. Local 24/7 emergency service and repair on any Hot Water or Steam Boiler system.
  2. Preventive maintenance with Boiler tasking to ensure safety and energy efficiency.
  3. Heating Parts purchasing discount programs.
  4. Full-service welding of Boiler tubes and code repair
  5. Combustion testing and energy efficiency analysis of the boiler burner.
  6. Turnkey boiler room design and construction services to compare repair vs replacement of an obsolescent boiler
  7. Automation upgrades of the combustion controls.
  8. Burner retrofits and upgrades to high efficiency Burners.
  9. Factory certified new boiler and burner start-up.

Enervise provides the above services, along with Industrial Combustion burner products and parts designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications, assuring customers have the most technologically advanced burner systems available and discounted parts.  We can also trend your boilers service information tracking costs for maintenance, repair, and energy usage through our  enerviseTRAK™ client portal.