4 Tips for Commercial Chiller Performance

  • Expert Tips

A commercial chiller is a critical component in any building. It’s important to have technicians that are factory-trained and certified to service and repair sophisticated pieces of equipment, but it is also important for facility managers and building owners to monitor chiller systems on a daily basis.

Here are 4 expert tips for improving commercial chiller performance:

  1. Track your records of daily chiller performance to ensure you are maintaining an efficient system. A daily log should track flow rates, fluid levels, pressures, temperatures, and a history of other operating conditions.
  2. Regularly clean all tubes to ensure contaminants do not prevent efficient heat transfers. Materials build-up such as minerals and algae can have detrimental effects on long-term operating costs
  3. Keep up with a steady refrigerant charge. The chiller’s ability to cool is dependent on the amount of refrigerant that moves through the compressor. If the refrigerant levels drop, then the desirable conditions will not remain steady. Ensure your system is reliable by maintaining an adequate refrigerant charge.
  4. Conduct a thorough inspection of all chiller operations including air vents, cooling capacity, shaft seals, open drive motors, wiring, electrical, switchgear, safety/sensor calibrations of microprocessors, and of course the starters and motors.

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