3 Tips to Ensure Chiller Retrofits Succeed

  • Expert Tips

New-generation chillers boast substantial, long-term maintenance savings, but even chiller retrofits and replacements need to be properly maintained to ensure longevity.

Here are 3 tips to ensure commercial chiller retrofits succeed:

  1. Build in a monitoring system that can connect to the building automation systems. This allows for automatic logging of chiller data to minimize the need for people onsite. By collecting viable data, operational maintenance can happen in the moment, exactly when it is needed.
  2. Pay close attention to the quality of the system’s water, the optimal temperature for efficient operations, and the condition of the condenser and evaporator loops. Condenser tubes should be cleaned annually, while evaporator tubes require cleaning every three to four years. Proper treatment of the water prevents scale, corrosion, bacteria, mold, and algae growth.
  3. Focus on maintaining heat-transfer surfaces, as they have the most direct impact on chiller efficiency. These surfaces must be completely clean for the system to work as efficiently as possible.

When planned and researched in advance, chiller replacements and retrofits will have a lasting impact on the daily operations & costs of running a commercial facility. If it’s time to invest in an upgrade, be sure to invest in a proper maintenance plan as well.

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