New Headquarters and Service Center for Enervise in Blue Ash, Ohio

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The new Enervise headquarters and Cincinnati Service Center is located at 10226 Alliance Rd, in Blue Ash Ohio.

Enervise is leasing 12,754 Sq. ft of space from Neyer Properties and is making a capital investment in its building space, tools and fleet to accommodate its future growth. Its new location includes offices for Enervise’ s headquarters and centralized operations, warehousing, production assembly area for building automation solutions, and conference facilities.

Enervise bills itself as one of the region’s leading commercial service providers for HVAC, Controls and Energy Solutions.  It helps building owners and managers with the insights they need to make the building decisions that improve the productivity of their businesses. The Cincinnati based firm has more than 115 associates serving clients sites across 94 Counties in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

We realize that our operations needs have changed, and we need offices that allow more collaboration between team members. We also have established and wish to grow to add additional branch offices located closer to our clients. This allows us to right size some current uses and efficiently push inventory, tools, and services closer to our clients from our new branch offices.   We are evolving like all businesses to increase efficiencies and continue to provide excellent local service from our locally based service technicians.

“We’ve found bringing our services closer to our clients drives production, it drives efficiency for our customers” Winstel said. “We’re focusing on workforce development and the key functions in the field as fast as we possibly can.”   The challenge to all service-based providers and manufacturers alike is attracting new talent into the trades and our apprenticeship programs. The new corporate headquarters in Blue Ash is large enough to accommodate and train anticipated new employees, who are expected to be hired over the next five years.  Field technical and trade roles will dominate, with other hiring to be done in sales, client service, and engineering.

“Everywhere you look, we’re growing, and that’s just to keep pace with the overall expansion of our clients businesses as they renovate and maintain their existing facilities,” says Tom J Winstel, CEO of Enervise.

“We have designed our solutions and services to help our clients solve their mission-critical priorities,” Winstel said.  It’s all about service and “Doing it Right” and enhancing the productivity of our clients.  “We provide data from our solutions to share insights and recommendations, so our customers can make smart decisions about how they operate their buildings. Then we help compliment their in-house staff to maintain, repair, and upgrade their HVAC, Building Controls and provide energy advisory solutions that support today’s “intelligent buildings.”

Enervise , which places a premium on training, often hires bright younger workers who are right out of college for sales and engineering,  and trade school,  or in their second job for Field Service and Controls Technician roles.

We always worry about what is available to keep our younger workforce here. Enervise is the lead on that.

Winstel said service roles will be key as the company expands. We recently established new branch offices in Clayton Ohio servicing the Miami Valley, and a separate branch location in the city of Zanesville, Ohio., and it is planning an expansion branch in Northern Ky. Our new office in Muskingum County is on track to employ (6) new team members in the last year alone. It’s evident that our value proposition to our clients is growing the Cincinnati based firm across the Midwest region.