Supporting “Rewarding Careers” in the HVAC and Building Automation Controls Trades

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Talk to any professional in the HVAC and Building Controls industry, and they will agree that a lack of new talent is a common challenge. ACHRNEWS reported in July of 2020 that 75 percent of companies cannot fill their open trade positions.

With the dawn of COVID-19 and the threat of unemployment surging, experts in the HVAC and Building Controls industry feel a heightened responsibility to educate the country on the many opportunities and high paying careers available to them in the trades.

To help fill the gap for open trade positions, many organizations are leading career and training initiatives. Here are 6 programs seeking to increase the number of trained workers equipped for success in the HVAC business:

  • SkillCat, a Stanford-led team, is hosting an online HVAC Career Fair on September 15, 2020 and providing free training to all workers who register for the event. The event will be free for workers/companies to address HVAC worker shortages.
  • Ferguson launched a website in March supporting its Skilled Trades Pay™ initiative to guide new talent towards HVAC and other trades. They offer resources on education costs, student debt, average salary, and advancement opportunities.
  • HARDI released a full-length documentary film that follows a diverse group of HVAC professionals and tells the story of the varied paths they took to arrive in the industry. The film is called Hot Commodity, and gives real-world examples of the job security, upward mobility, and salaries available to those entering trades.
  • The MikeRoweWORKS Foundation has given over $5 million in scholarships to help people get trained in skilled labor.
  • In addition to online courses, Johnstone Solutions University offers nationally accredited live, hands-on training at three locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Indianapolis.
  • Many regional Adult Education classes in HVAC  and Building Controls are available from programs such as those at: Gateway Community and Technical College in Northern Kentucky,   Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Clayton Ohio,  Columbus State Community College in Columbus Ohio, Mideast Career and Technology Centers Zanesville Ohio campus, Buckeye Hills Career Center in Thurman, OH, and Cincinnati State which offers a Building Automation certificate program.

While 2020 is marked by unprecedented closures, COVID-19 is a reminder of just how crucial skilled trades are. ACHR the NEWS shared that “no matter the circumstances, we will always need to keep our homes comfortable, keep food supplies refrigerated, and maintain the climate and air quality in our hospitals and other essential facilities. HVAC professionals will continue to be in demand, and across the industry, we must all continue to work together and build the future of the trades.”

As experts in the HVAC industry, Enervise is actively in search of talent and supporting “Rewarding Careers” in the HVAC trade. We are hiring and providing apprentice and journeyman training in HVAC and Building Automation Controls. 

To check for current open employment opportunities with Enervise, explore open positions and apply online.