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Icon 24x24 ball Are You Ready For the Big Changes in Commercial Refrigeration Coming in 2017?


The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus is credited with coining the saying, “Change is the only constant in life.” While Heraclitus probably didn’t have commercial refrigeration in mind when he said that, it still applies to our industry.

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Icon 24x24 ball Why Facilities Managers Need to Track Operational Costs for Every Building Asset


If you’re a Facilities Manager you have a full plate. You’re expected to keep your facility in top running order to ensure maximum comfort and production.  But there’s always something in your building or campus that needs to be repaired or replaced. You assign maintenance tasking, track repair work orders, and manage work orders.In addition to figuring out the priorities of what to tackle, you’re probably also responsible for at least part of the budget to do that. That means you need to keep abreast of in-house or contracted labor, and the parts and materials required for repair and maintenance.

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Icon 24x24 ball Fall-to-Winter Boiler Safety and Maintenance Tips for 2016


Around this time of year people living in private residences get reminders from their utilities companies or their insurance companies to get their homes ready for winter. Facilities Managers for commercial or industrial buildings seem to get overlooked in that process, but the need is every bit as great to take care of your HVAC systems.

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Icon 24x24 ball If You Want to Manage Your Building Better—Test Your Building with an Assessment Checklist!


Sometimes it seems that facilities managers are tasked with what appears to be mutually exclusive responsibilities. There are increasing demands for functionality on the lighting and HVAC systems. Top Management has plenty of data about how improved working conditions result in better moral and increased productivity. So they push facilities managers to improve conditions. At the same time, Management is under pressure to control—and even reduce—costs, so there’s emphasis on keeping the budget under control.

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Icon 24x24 ball Why K-12 Schools and Institutes of Higher Education Are Switching to Variable Refrigerant Flow With their HVAC Renovations


For a number of years K-12 schools, along with colleges and universities, have been making some significant changes when it comes to the Heating Venting, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems they’re using. Increasing numbers of these institutions are moving away from traditional HVAC systems and are embracing new approaches and technologies as they replace inefficient or obsolete HVAC systems during the renovation of existing buildings.

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