Commercial Specialty Services VFD's, Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Bearing and Air Handler Repair


Our experienced, trained field personnel are expert in a number of specialty services.

Air Compressor/Dryer - In order to guarantee long-term performance, compressed air systems must be properly maintained. Our service technicians are trained to provide industrial air compressor, refrigerated and desiccant dryer service and repair. Whether your compressor is a reciprocating or rotary screw, vacuum pump, or other compressed air product, our knowledgeable technicians are trained to repair any malfunction on any make or model.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) – When commissioned properly your VFDs can provide substantial energy savings. Field services for VFD repairs and system troubleshooting are handled by our experienced, trained technicians. Our service programs include start-up services to verify proper installation, control connections and motor operation for any VFD manufacturer and/or application. Installation of replacement products, retrofit of existing systems and stand-alone controls via transmitters and Proportional-Integral control setups are also available. 

Bearing, Shaft & Seal Replacement or Repairs – We possess the necessary tools and calibration equipment to evaluate, repair or replace bearings in air handlers, motors, pumps, compressor assemblies, seals and multiple other applications to ensure long life cycle and smooth operation.

Rotating Assemblies – Our specialty team of experts have the ability to balance a wide variety of rotating assemblies including blower wheels and pump assemblies, which minimize vibration and noise and maximize proper operation and seal life.