Commercial Consulting, Building Assessment and HVAC Surveys


As your mechanical services  company, we are uniquely positioned to advise you on decisions regarding repairs and/or replacements for all of your mechanical equipment and building controls.

Enervise provides research, experience and recommended options, so that every design is an informed decision inclusive of the latest product offerings, maintainability, and energy considerations. We free you to focus on other aspects of your business while  assuming responsibility for the optimal operation of your facility—for the life of your building. We keep your occupant’s comfort, productivity, and safety as well as  low energy/operating costs and sustainable practices as our top priorities.


  • Certified Energy Managers
  • Mechanical & Professional Engineers
  • Test & Balancing Professionals
  • Commissioning Technicians
  • Building Controls Integration Technicians
  • Technical Audit Managers

Capital WiseTM 

With this proprietary program, we help you budget capital for equipment replacement projects instead of appropriating emergency or operating funds repairing or replacing obsolescent equipment. We’ll inventory your assets in order to develop projections that prioritize assets for retro-commissioning, refurbishment or replacement.

Not only does this make sense from a budgetary standpoint, it can actually increase positive cash flow for investments when you consider additional cost savings from rebates, new energy efficiencies and avoiding other unnecessary repairs.

Surveys and Reports

We offer a number of survey options conducted by our service technicians and engineers to help you answer specific questions about your service or equipment, such as:

Is my HVAC maintenance actually being done?

What’s the condition of the equipment in the building we’re about to buy or lease?

How about the condition of our company’s mechanical assets?

How much should I budget to repair or replace my equipment in the coming year?

Enervise HVAC surveys offer the answers for you. We will sit down with your team to determine your needs and recommend a specific survey or report that will help you make informed decisions.

1. HVAC Equipment Inspection Survey

Who would benefit from this survey and report?

  • Customers buying or selling property who need to know the condition of mechanical systems
  • Property management companies for due diligence to building owners
  • Property management companies preparing spaces for new tenants
  • Customers requiring detailed information on equipment because of budgetary concerns

What is in the report from the Equipment Inspection Survey?

  • Nomenclature, age, size and photo documentation for each piece of equipment
  • Roof Map and equipment position
  • A validation of the condition of all mechanical equipment on the premises
  • Executive summary snapshot of all conditions found and recommended repairs/replacements and budget costs
  • Maintenance procedures needed

2. Engineering Heat Load and Comfort Audit:

If you are experiencing hot and cold spots in your building, our engineers can data log actual design conditions and run HVAC load calculation along with general review of the drawings to determine a course of action to restore comfort.

3. Start-Up and Commissioning: 

If your building has a brand-new unit, we can inspect the equipment as a third party to make sure units were installed properly, started-up by a certified, knowledgeable technician and are operating correctly.

4. Portfolio Energy Benchmarking Report and Energy Audits: 

If you want your building to be Energy Star certified or you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint or cut the cost of wasted energy, we can also analyze and assess your systems to deliver recommendations based on sustainability and conservation strategies.