Commercial HVAC Emergency Retrofit and Equipment Rental Services


Enervise’s strength in commercial and industrial HVAC/R retrofits is coupled with our exceptional levels of service. We quickly uncover the root causes of building system failures before offering resourceful and innovative HVAC/R replacement or upgrade solutions you can trust.

Emergency retrofit

When a sudden retrofit is the solution, we have emergency response teams ready to evaluate the technical details and needs, design a plan of action and address safety concerns at a moment’s notice. Our program is geared to get you up and running quickly. We also focus on helping you reduce costs, improve communication among all parties involved, provide expert technical project management, adhere to codes and permits that will minimize risk and manage rebates to reduce costs.

Our standby installation team can work quickly to replace chillers, boilers, rooftop units, or other equipment with a fully-commissioned system even on second and third shift, or over a weekend.

Equipment rental

Sometimes equipment fails and the only way to keep things running until repairs and/or replacements are made is to employ a rental. Beyond these unexpected failures, you may also need to utilize rental equipment for seasonal spikes in production or if you have a scheduled shutdown looming or have indications that equipment is about to fail.

We partner with major rental companies and manufacturers to bring you the best turnkey equipment solutions for chillers, boilers, RTU's on flatbeds, move-in-cool units for individual spaces, pumping systems, and cooling towers. We can have a rental replacement ready to install within hours of your call.


How can retro-commissioning pay you a dividend? We will make minor adjustments after troubleshooting an existing system, which could improve its overall energy efficiency with minimal financial investment. This provides you with a low-cost solution before any recommendation is made to repair or replace the existing equipment. Our commissioning teams are led by a project leader to assure that Functional Performance Tests (FPT) uphold equipment operation per design. Your team includes: test & balance, controls, and service technicians trained to adjust and optimize your HVAC systems for peak performance and comfort.