Commercial HVAC, Lighting, and Access Controls Integration Services


Whatever your expectations for your Building Automation System, we can tailor a plan that meets and exceeds them. From assessment to installation, upgrades to full replacements and or integration, our solutions for HVAC, lighting and access controls have you covered. Each plan includes maintenance and repair options because your building automation system works at its optimal level when maintained, repaired and adjusted throughout its lifecycle.

HVAC Control Solutions

Whether we are upgrading a controller on a chiller or boiler or your entire building or campus with an enterprise level Direct Digital Controls (DDC), our control experts will customize a solution that fits your needs.

A snapshot of experiences include: 

  • Retrofit obsolete pneumatic or electric controls
  • Boiler plant remote monitoring and alarming
  • Building additions
  • Chiller & boiler plant systems management
  • VFD's & VAV retrofits for existing air handlers
  • Indoor air quality control
  • Internet-based systems with remote monitoring and alarms
  • Wireless applications (from stand-alone thermostats to total building and campus level control)
  • Customizable energy dashboards and public displays showing real-time data

Access Control Solutions

We have comprehensive Access Control options including key card entry, door swipes and video monitoring. Each one features effortless accessibility and reliable security.

If you are looking for an easy way to integrate access control with your building’s automation, Enervise can bundle your mechanical controls and security controls into one single source accessibility.

Lighting Control Solutions

Our lighting control solutions allow for smart scheduling, occupancy sensors and photocells that ensure lighting is only being used when needed. The lighting control system can be designed as a stand-alone system or integrated with an HVAC control system.

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Our energy monitoring solutions provide real-time data from meters (including gas, water, electric and BTU), tenant sub-metering and energy analytics.

Control Services

We provide unparalleled support with preventative maintenance, 24-hour emergency response service, remote and on-site system monitoring, technical support and system training.

Benefits of trusting your control systems to Enervise include:

  • Increased building efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Staff productivity
  • Proactive identification and addressing of common problems before they cause system disruption, downtime and costly repairs
  • Optimal software and system networks for reliable, accurate and efficient operation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Life of your equipment extended