Air Rotation Systems and Process Burner Repair 


Our experienced, trained field personnel are expert in a number of industrial process services

Air Rotation - These units are extremely effective at heating and cooling large buildings. Few units are required to cover vast spaces and provide even temperatures throughout. High levels of inventory and storage have very little effect on performance.  Since these systems require no discharge ductwork, the units can be placed virtually anywhere. Utilizing and maintaining an air rotation heating system will keep large industrial warehouse spaces comfortable and energy-efficient.

We specialize in the design and servicing of Air Rotation Heating systems to keep large industrial, and warehouse spaces comfortable and energy-efficient. Our team of field experts maintains and services these units to keep them at optimal operating conditions—ensuring reduced operating costs, comfort and air quality.


Process Burners - Our factory-trained and certified expert service technicians will maintain and service your critical manufacturing processes. Your dedicated technician’s knowledge, experience, and access to replacement parts assure reliable service and up-time to facilitate all of your process burner start-up, commissioning, and combustion service needs.

Our technicians are backed by engineering and application assistance to change designs as requirements demand to assure that our customers get maximum performance and efficiency. We can provide the following upgrades: burner system and/or burner controls retrofits, conversions, upgrades, or new installations. Scheduled planned maintenance services provided by Enervise will minimize unexpected equipment failure which often leads to unplanned facility or process downtime.

      Our process burner services include:

  • Combustion analysis & adjustment to air-to-fuel ratios
  • Flame safeguard services
  • Parallel positioning and linkage controls
  • O2 trim fully-metered, cross-limited combustion controls
  • Fuel conversions
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Burner controls retrofits 
  • Scheduled planned maintenance service

When it is time to upgrade any of your process systems, you can turn to Enervise’s years of experience in determining expert load calculations and equipment requirements to ensure the system will work to your specifications.

  Our Project engineers can show you how to achieve:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • Rapid temperature recovery
  • Outstanding indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Increased production
  • Reduced fuel and/or electricity costs
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved boiler and equipment room safety
  • Increased life of equipment